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The pet supplies you need all in one place at competitive prices

Stop by and check out our pet supplies inventory! You'll love the selection and fun items you can get for your beloved animal.

dog training supplies | Contact | | 617-277-2627
dog training supplies | Contact | | 617-277-2627
dog training supplies | Contact | | 617-277-2627

Pet supplies that are safe and natural for your dog or cat

Stop by our store and check out our pet supplies inventory! We offer a wide variety of pet products including cleaning supplies, toys, collars, litters, training aids, grooming products, leashes, etc. If you're searching for a specific product and we don't carry it, we'd be more than happy to accommodate you!

Get the supplies your pet needs to live a great life

  • Beds
  • Collars
  • Carriers
  • Leashes
  • Food dishes
  • Dog training supplies
  • No pull harnesses
  • Pet hair eliminator
  • Toys - dogs / cats
  • Safe Paw - ice melter that's safe for your pets and children

Rely on these effective products when your pet has an accident

  • Nature's Miracle - once-per-week spray treatment for your home to remove stains and odor remover
  • Nilodor - odor control and pet cleaning products: deodorizers, odor counteractants, odor neutralizers, air fresheners, bacteria enzymes, carpet cleaners, fire / flood restoration, and automatic dispensing systems for aerosols, gels, and liquids
  • Pure Ayre Odor Eliminator - natural odor eliminator for ALL air, carpets, and fabrics, first ALL PURPOSE solution that's edible, so it's great for your pet
  • Simple Solution - pet wipes

Your pet deserves a quality litter

  • EverClean
  • Feline Pine - chemical-free, 100% all-natural, ammonia neutralizer that gives off a fresh pine scent
  • Pestell Clump Litter - all-natural, 100% Sodium Bentonite, superior clumping abilities, odorless and economically friendly product
  • World's Best - offers all of the seven most important cat litter traits: cat safety, odor control, dust free, product value, clumpability, all natural, and flushable

A great variety of grooming products

  • Allergy relief sprays
  • Cologne
  • Combs / brushes
  • Ear cleaner
  • Flea products
  • Shampoos / conditioners
  • Teeth cleaning products
  • Vitamins / probiotics

Gift certificates available!


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