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Does your dog need a proper grooming?

Bring your dog to our shop when they need a quality wash and groom! Call today to schedule an appointment!

pet grooming products | Contact | | 617-277-2627
pet grooming products | Contact | | 617-277-2627

Do-It-Yourself Prices are as follows:

$12 small dogs

$17 medium

$17-20 large dogs

$20-$25 large / extra-large (and for heavily coated dogs)

$10 nails


*Due to high demand, booking two weeks in advance is best, excluding short haired breeds

Your dog will never look better with our grooming services

Get your dog looking and smelling great! Our experienced staff can handle any breed or size of dog. We use Therapeutic Hydro Surge bathing and all-natural shampoos that are gentle on their skin and provide a healthy coat. Grooming rates vary depending on size, coat, etc.

Wash your dog at our shop and we'll take care of the grooming

Make sure to ask about our Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash! Just bring in your dog and give them a wash; we’ll handle the rest! This great additional service allows you to wash your dog with our all-natural products and makes for an overall, fun experience!

pet grooming products | Contact | | 617-277-2627

Please call us today for a grooming estimate!


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